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Montgomery Waters

Montgomery Waters sources, bottles, and ships flavoured, still and vitamin-enriched mineral and spring water from its two operating sites in Montgomeryshire in mid-Wales.

Food and Beverage

Big surprises from small but mighty EDiA

Compact Mitsubishi electric truck rises to manufacturer's unique site challenges with powerful performance

What was the challenge?

Lift pallets of packaged bottles weighing 1200kg to 6.3m high drive-in racking within limited warehouse space.

Why this product(s)?

The compact 2-tonne, 3-wheel EDiA electric FB20ANT model was the only forklift with the specifications to make the lift and also manoeuvre around equipment.

What was the outcome?

Performs an essential array of tasks throughout daily operations, including loading and unloading from racking and trailers, and servicing the production line.

Meeting high demands

Montgomery Waters required a materials handling solution for its newest site (purchased in 2018). The warehouse had limited space as it not only stored a production line of equipment, but also 4 aisles of drive-in racking, each at 4 levels high, for holding packaged product. Montgomery Waters struggled to find a forklift that was strong enough to make the required lifts, and also agile enough to move around the site to perform different tasks.

Space is a premium at our site. We needed a counterbalance truck that could lift 1200kg of packaged product to 6.3m, which is the highest point of our racking, and none of the trucks we looked at previously could do it.

Jed Rowley

Shift Manager at Montgomery Waters

Big things come in small packages

The local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor recommended the 2-tonne, 3-wheel FB20ANT electric counterbalance truck, which at less than 3 metres long (including forks) is exceptionally compact for high manoeuvrability in the tightest spaces. Unlike competitor models, the EDiA did not need any alteration to the overhead guard, which ensured a competitive price. In addition to the counterbalance truck, Montgomery Waters ordered a second battery, a PBPL12N lithium-ion hand pallet truck to support with battery changing, and a PBP16N powered pallet truck. All the equipment is on long-term rental with a full repair maintenance plan.

We are very familiar with the challenges of this site, and I was confident we had the right truck for Montgomery Waters. The EDiA FB20ANT is compact but extremely powerful, and I had no doubt it could do what was needed.

Rob Perry

Sales Manager at the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Going above and beyond

The trucks have already made a big impression. As well as loading and unloading racking and trailers, they are used to service the production line with materials, shrink wrap, labels and preform bottles - working continually to support Montgomery Waters in meeting its daily targets.

I'm amazed by the EDiA. It's smaller than any truck we had before, but it's already surpassed all my expectations.

Jed Rowley

Shift Manager at Montgomery Waters

EDIA EM electric counterbalance forklift in operation
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