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Warehouse Automation

Tailored AGV solutions for your operation


Manual & automated warehouse fleet operations

The best of both worlds

Optimal automation means finding the perfect balance between automation and manual operations, where fluent operations define the level of automation, and not the other way. Our priority is to ensure that your operations are running in the most optimal and efficient way, today and tomorrow.

Core Fields of Expertise


  • Increased flexibility of your processes for faster response to ever-changing customer requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership while ensuring the highest level of production quality
  • Adaptability and scalability of solutions for future-proof operations


  • Continuous material flow process and traceability
  • Optimal efficiency enabled by customised solutions to fit existing process needs
  • Reduced costs through optimized processes and maximized labour efficiency


  • Decreased costs enabled through lean handling of the key material flows
  • Increased productivity through added transport capabilities and implementation of best practices
  • Optimised process with advanced technology and performance monitoring

Paper & Packaging

  • More sustainable processes through reduced energy consumption and extended lifespan of the solution
  • Reduced damage and increased safety enabled by the predictability of operations
  • Maximised efficiency of operations thanks to optimised warehouse design, just-in-time shipments, and reduced total cost of ownership

Warehouse logistics: perfectly suited for automation with AGVs

Warehouse logistics operations face high demands, but are also challenged by the uneven return on investment if fully automated.

Automating all processes may not be worth it, as the risk is over-automation and poor return on investment. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are perfectly suited to solving these challenges.


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