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- TBS30-60Q Series

TBS30-60Q Series

Unmatched toughness Maximum performance
  • Tow Trucks
  • 3.0-6.0 Tonnes
  • 36 / 48 Volts
  • AC-Power

The TBS30-60Q Series of tow trucks are built for applications that demand endurance over long distances.

Available in either 3-tonne or 6-tonne load capacities, the trucks have a high ground clearance to easily shuttle through indoor and outdoor environments and navigate gradients.

They can cope with tough working requirements safely and effectively, and with towing speeds up to 7 km/h and unladen speeds up to 14 km/h you can work swiftly and productively.

Model Capacity
TBS30Q 3000 kg
TBS60Q 6000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - TBS30-60Q Series - High travel speeds

High travel speeds

Up to 14 km/h when unladen, 7 km/h towing at capacity. Productivity remains high and allows for efficient working.

Mitsubishi - TBS30-60Q Series - Manual tow coupling

Manual tow coupling

Quick release tow pins for fast and easy locking and unlocking of the tow hook. Trailers are simple to attach and detach.

Mitsubishi - TBS30-60Q Series - Adjustable steering column

Adjustable steering column

Individual operators can make the driving position more comfortable, meaning a less fatiguing shift.

Mitsubishi - TBS30-60Q Series - Walk-beside drive button

Walk-beside drive button

Coupling and uncoupling the trailer is easy as the operator doesn't have to keep entering and exiting the truck each time.

Mitsubishi - TBS30-60Q Series - Electric power steering

Electric power steering

This reduces the effort needed by the operator, making driving smooth and responsive. As a result, operator fatigue is lower and steering precision is improved, increasing drivability and reducing the risk of damage. (Option on 6-tonne models)