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Mitsubishi Forklift Safety Zone

Shine a light on safety




Two out of every three injuries involving forklifts are suffered by colleagues on foot... injuries that are terrible and life-changing.

In a perfect world, forklifts and pedestrians should never work in the same space. But this is the real world - one where working areas are often congested and deadlines are tight.

Which is why Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks developed its game-changing Safety Zone system.

Safety Zone

Specifically designed to maintain a safe distance around a forklift, the Safety Zone projects bright red lines of light onto the ground behind and to the sides of the truck. The result is a vivid 'no-go' area that pedestrians instinctively avoid, keeping them at a safe distance.

Unlike auditory warnings, which can be lost in noisy environments or when colleagues are wearing ear defenders, the Safety Zone delivers a clear, visual and unambiguous warning of a truck's presence - making it particularly valuable at the ends of aisles and at blind corners.

Simple and effective, Mitsubishi Safety Zone protects staff against injuries.

Best of all, it can be fitted to all new forklift trucks and be retrofitted to existing equipment, making it a remarkably simple, effective, and low-cost safety feature.


It's as simple as switching on a light...

Interested in safe operation & handling?

And remember to take care of your most important asset: the drivers