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Working Smarter and Safer

How to improve your site safety


We're here to help

Whether you're operating machinery or managing a busy warehouse, safety is non-negotiable.

From risk assessments to equipment maintenance, we're here to support you, helping you to foster a culture of safety in your organisation.

At Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, your safety is our top priority.

Get in touch to book a site survey or for expert advice on improving your site.


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If you've been operating your materials handling equipment for some time, it might be the perfect moment to review the way you work.

With busy operations it can be hard to find that time to review, but it really does pay to check. Literally.

Have your loads changed (or might they in the future)? Are you using the most appropriate equipment? Is your layout as safe and efficient as it could be? Are you missing out on new technology that could save you money?

A great place to start — complete our free site survey and see what’s working well and what’s not working so well?


MFT Site Survey
Daily Checks Plus checklist

Daily Checks Plus

To ensure your trucks are always working safely and productively, it’s important to complete regular checks. We know that in your busy operation it might seem like these checks are a waste of your valuable time. But you owe it to your employees and operators to complete them.

Reducing the chances of truck downtime and operator injuries, it pays to complete these checks either between shifts or at least once a day. You’ll be able to find the parts of the truck you need to routinely examine in your operator handbook.



Expert Site Survey

If you're looking to make changes and improvements and don't know where to start, book a free no-obligation site survey with our expert team.


Useful links

Not only will working safer improve your operation, but it could keep you on the right side of the law. To help you in this venture, the Health & Safety Executive has produced a comprehensive guide for the employers who are responsible for forklift truck operations. Known widely as "117" it can be downloaded free of charge here

For more sound advice, visit the Mitsubishi Forklift Briefing website. This is a site packed with articles about how to increase the productivity and safety of your operation as well as commonly found issues in the forklift truck industry.

Helping You to Help Others

You owe it to your staff to make your site safer as well as to your business to make it more productive and cost effective. Educate and empower your staff about how to work safer and smarter and remember, success breeds success.

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