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Forklift Fleet Management

For an optimised material flow



Gain full operational overview and cost control: Collect, measure, benchmark, and analyse your operational data which relates to your forklift trucks, operators, service, applications and fleets.

Gain full warehouse operational overview and cost control
Vehicle & Operational Management Tool at your fingertips


Our VOM tool (Vehicle and Operation Management Tool) provides you with the data you need to manage your forklift fleet. VOM units collect real-time data from forklifts on site and send it to the cloud where it is processed and turned into KPI reports. These evaluations can be called up online and are used as a reliable source of data in decision-making processes.

Driver and fleet activity at a glance

Our individually configurable VOM tool for activity evaluation can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other information systems. It offers a variety of useful tools and features to help you visualize your material handling process.

Improving operator and truck productivity

Benefits of fleet management

Whilst improving operator and truck productivity, you can reduce:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Accidents including damage to forklifts & warehouse equipment
  • The use of forklifts with safety problems
  • The risk of unauthorised operation
  • Energy consumption
  • Fleet size

Benefits of fleet management

As well as reducing costs, you can increase:

  • Your profit
  • Productivity
  • Occupational safety
  • Availability of the forklifts
  • Overview of warehouse processes
  • Real-time monitoring & auditability
  • The usefulness of the devices
Increase productivity & profit

Fleet Management Functions

  • Driver Access Control
  • Licence management & automatic expiry notification
  • Safety check before commissioning
  • Completely remote controllable management in case of driver card loss
  • Collision detection
  • Wi-PAN capable according to IEEE 802.15.4 or GSM
  • Individual activity analysis
  • Real-time communication & notifications via email and SMS
  • Maintenance planning & service monitoring
  • Fleet availability planning
  • Fleet Analytics - cost control of operational & truck performance
  • Speed controlled zones (optional)
  • Pedestrian/Equipment presence awareness (optional)

Driver and fleet activity at a glance?

Our fully customisable activity analysis tool is an information service that can be taken as a stand-alone option, or bundled with other items in a service package. It contains a number of useful tools and functions to help you visualise your material handling operations.

Forklift fleet management information

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