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Thorough Examination

What do you need to know?


Stay safe: Ensure that your trucks are regularly and thoroughly checked

Get peace of mind knowing that your trucks and lifting equipment — including attachments — have been examined to fully comply with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

What is a thorough examination?

Think of a Thorough Examination as a forklift truck equivalent of an MOT for your car. It’s a mandatory inspection required by law to ensure that a truck is in working order so that you and your staff are as safe and protected as possible when they arrive at work.

All our trucks, new and used, come with a valid Thorough Examination certificate so you can be confident that the truck you buy or lease has been fully checked by trained, competent professionals.

Whose Job?

As an employer of a lift truck operator, it is solely your responsibility to ensure duty of care and that all equipment is safe for use. However, we appreciate it might not always be as black and white as this.

Long term leasing?

What happens if you are leasing or renting the truck on long term basis (12 months or more)?

In this case, it is still the responsibility of the operator’s employer, as if the truck was owned outright. It is up to the employer to arrange Thorough Examinations.

Short Term Hire?

What about short-term hire (anything under a year)?

The rental company is now responsible for arranging the Thorough Examinations.

It pays to check

In either situation, long or short-term hire, the employer of the truck’s operator must be certain that the truck carries a valid Thorough Examination. This is usually done by insisting on having a copy of the Report of Thorough Examination included with any rental documentation.

In addition, the truck must have a valid Report of Thorough Examination whenever it leaves an owner’s undertaking. Essentially, when it changes hands, or is transferred between companies whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

The Dangers of Incomplete Inspections

Getting a fraction of what you bargained for is far worse than getting nothing at all. Now you don’t know where you stand and how much of the job has been done. 

In a recent survey, 93% of managers of materials handling operations said they assumed insurance inspections would automatically check equipment in its entirety.

In fact, most inspections cover the bare minimum required by LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). This is a major problem for you because under PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998), employers must ensure the whole truck is safe for an operator to use. If crucial components like steering and brakes haven’t been examined, you’ll never know how safe your employees are for sure.

By buying, renting, or leasing from an authorised Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor, you get the peace of mind that your equipment has been examined to the highest standards.