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- SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series

SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series

Compact, efficient Cost effective
  • Pedestrian Stackers
  • 1.2 Tonnes
  • AC-Power

SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series pedestrian stackers are the perfect choice for a variety of light stacking duties for lift heights up to 3 m. The creep speed button guarantees excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces while operating at low speeds with the tiller in the upright position.

For operation on ramps and uneven floors, initial lift (available on D models) makes transporting pallets a breeze, and also allows for two pallets to be carried at once.

The truck's compact design makes it ideal for narrow warehouse aisles and in confined areas such as lifts, mezzanines and delivery vans.

Model Capacity
SBP12QLDI 1200 kg
SBP12QLMI 1200 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series - Initial Lift

Initial Lift

By carrying two stacked pallets at once, productivity can be doubled. Initial lift also allows for loads to be raised higher for better ground clearance on ramps, inclines, and uneven surfaces. (D models)

Mitsubishi - SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series - Li-ion battery

Li-ion battery

This allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance — avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers.

Mitsubishi - SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series - Powerful AC drive motor

Powerful AC drive motor

This provides smooth, quiet, controlled operation, extended shift length and lower maintenance.

Mitsubishi - SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series - Parking brake

Parking brake

Automatically stops the truck from rolling back on inclines and ramps for safer operation.

Mitsubishi - SBP12QL(M)(D)I Series - Mono mast

Mono mast

With the narrow profile, the operator benefits from an excellent view of the load at all times. (M models)