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Forklift Driver & Safety Training



Driver Training

Well-trained forklift drivers not only contribute to safety, but also boost the efficiency of your material flow. By following best practices, your operators will be more productive, reduce accidents, and help minimise your total cost of ownership. We offer a comprehensive range of accredited training courses designed to maximise the potential at your location. Our experienced trainers employ the most effective methods to achieve outstanding results.

Our driver training covers both forklifts and warehouse equipment, typically conducted on-site at your premises. Training sessions use either your forklifts or industrial trucks from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. However, we have found that training efficiency significantly improves when using your own vehicles in your own warehouse. This allows your employees to practice with familiar materials and processes, enabling them to immediately apply their new skills.

In addition to forklift training, we provide safety instructions and training for other essential equipment.

With decades of experience, we confidently claim comprehensive knowledge in safe and efficient equipment usage. We collaborate with you to determine the most suitable training courses for your material flow and team. Whether training beginners, experienced drivers, or instructors, individually or in groups, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. We closely assess each company and team to identify the required and desired training.

Operator Training

Interested in forklift driver training?