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Lucart Hygiene

Based in Worcestershire, Lucart Hygiene Ltd is the UK's leading independent manufacturer and supplier of disposable tissue products. Lucart produces in excess of 200,000 cases of finished product per month, with trucks running throughout 8-hour shifts 24 hours a day.


EDiA is on a roll

Electric fleet from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks enables cleaner, greener operations for tissue paper manufacturer

What was the challenge?

Lucart wanted to replace its old LP gas fleet. Trucks were required to lift large and bulky loads for outdoor and indoor operations during long shifts.

Why this product(s)?

EDiA electric trucks provided the power and performance, as well as savings on fuel costs compared to running LP gas.

What was the outcome?

Outstanding manoeuvrability allows the trucks to excel in the warehouse and production spaces, and the switch to electric means operators are not exposed to gas emissions.

Tough and reliable

Lucart required trucks for use in production and warehouse areas. Tasks include stacking large reels of paper to lift heights of 3m, removing reels from trailers, unloading containers of materials arriving from around the world, and stacking pallets of finished product. The local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor worked with Lucart to find the trucks best suited at the site, considering the complex loads and operational needs.

In the past we used LPG models but were aware of issues with emissions and the smell of gas when working indoors, so required an alternative that would do the job whilst benefitting the environment as well as our workforce. We were able to discuss our requirements with our local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor and felt confident to take on board their recommendations.

Killian Bartlett

Warehouse Manager at Lucart

Flexibility and variety

Lucart ordered three new Mitsubishi EDiA EX 3-tonne 4-wheel FB30N counterbalance trucks. Two were fitted with Lucart's own paper roll clamps, while the third was supplied with a Bolzoni rotating clamp for bailing and use in production. In addition, the distributor supplied two new Mitsubishi EDiA EM 1.6 tonne 3-wheel FB16ANT forklifts, and three used Mitsubishi FB16PNT 3-wheel forklifts. All trucks were fitted with new lead acid batteries, a battery filling system, and 8-hour, 3-phase chargers.

EDiA is a tough forklift capable of performing the high lifts required by Lucart, whilst being compact enough to remain agile when moving around racking and stock. It has 360° steering which means it stays in constant motion through turns and really comes into its own in tight spaces.

Rob Perry

Sales Manager at the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

A positive change

The Mitsubishi EDiA forklift is designed to maximise battery power and provide consistent, energy-efficient performance — making it good for operations as well as the environment. Lucart will also benefit from significant savings on fuel costs throughout the contract because it is cheaper to run this new electric fleet compared to the old LP gas trucks.

The EDiA trucks are proving very responsive and intuitive to operate and have great manoeuvrability around the site. It has definitely been beneficial to switch to electric. We have noticed how much quieter the EDiA trucks are and there is no smell of gas anymore. So far the Mitsubishi forklifts are meeting all expectations.

Rob Smith

Head of Purchasing at Lucart

EDIA Electric counterbalance forklift loading trailer inside warehouse operating in warehouse aisle with attachment in warehouse
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Electric counterbalance forklift range

electric counterbalance forklift range

Engineered to deliver maximum performance, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.