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Gower Chemicals

Gower Chemicals is one of the UK’s foremost specialists in processing and blending sulphuric acids. At its Swansea facilities its operations include sulphuric acid and dilution for the Welsh car and aerospace industries, and a toll packing facility which receives ISO tanks of gases and decants them into different size containers.


Gower Chemicals goes for green option

What was the challenge?

After 30 years of using diesel trucks, Gower Chemicals switched to electric trucks due to the impressively powerful performance and strikingly low running costs.

Why this product(s)?

EDiA trucks are much quieter than diesel, eliminating noise pollution and delivering a calm, stress free working environment.

What was the outcome?

The operators love the new trucks including the range of built-in safety systems.

Meeting the brief… and surpassing it

Gower Chemicals was reviewing its materials handling equipment and upon recommendations from the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks supplier ordered a fleet of four 2-tonne EDiA EM electric counterbalance trucks and one 2.5-tonne EDiA EX truck. As well as being exceptionally compact, the EDiA EX turns through a massive 100-degree lock to deliver the smallest turning circle on the market for safe operation in the very narrowest spaces. At the same time, the unique AutoBoost feature maintains momentum by increasing torque when the trucks go up inclines or over uneven surfaces.

The Mitsubishi forklifts fulfilled a fundamental aspect of the Gower Chemicals environmental sustainability strategy by reducing its carbon footprint, doing so without compromise, both indoors and outside.

Matthew James

Local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Go-anywhere performance

The EDiA trucks proved perfectly at home in all conditions with the suspension seats ensuring a comfortable ride for the operators. Even slippery conditions have presented no problems thanks to a combination of all-wheel steering and an electric differential lock. The result is outstanding traction and control, even in the most challenging circumstances.

State-of-the art software automatically adapts performance characteristics to the driving style and ability of each individual operator, making handling totally intuitive. EDiA’s Intelligent Cornering System calculates the speed, angle, and load at the very start of a turn, rather than half-way through it, automatically adjusting truck speed and optimising handling — for the highest throughput and the greatest safety.

Matthew James

Local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Customer-focused support

The local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor took a carefully considered approach and examined all options from the customer’s perspective. This included reviewing the implications of the red diesel subsidy changes and the huge cost savings Gower Chemicals could achieve by switching from diesel to electric.

Mitsubishi forklifts emerged as clear favourite across activities such as: loading and offloading IBCs and pallets of gas canisters, as well as moving them around the site. The opinion across the site is that the new trucks are really good and that the operators have made the change-over really smoothly. We are delighted with our decision, the trucks, and the support from the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks team. The service provided by them has been absolutely brilliant.

Andy Flower

Site Manager at Gower Chemicals Swansea

Gower Chemicals UK case study
EDiA EX electric counterbalance forklift truck

electric counterbalance forklift range

Engineered to deliver maximum performance, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.