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FB14-20(C)N2T Series

Intelligent performance incredible productivity
  • Electric Counterbalance
  • 1.4-2.0 Tonnes
  • 3 wheels
  • 48 Volts
  • AC-Power
Discover the EDiA range

Smart. Safe. Agile. EDiA EM is a lot of truck in a compact package. Legendary Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks engineering, exceptional ergonomics, and cutting edge technology - like AutoBoost and Sensitive Drive System+ (SDS+) - combine to make EDiA a favourite of drivers and businesses alike.

These electric trucks offer unmatched manoeuvrability for efficient, highly productive working with incredibly tight steer angles - including the option of time-saving 360-degree steering on the three-wheel models.

The intelligent systems at the heart of the truck work to perfectly match the driver, offering precise, consistent performance that's tailored to the individual operator.

Model Capacity
FB14N2T 1400 kg
FB16CN2T 1600 kg
FB16N2T 1600 kg
FB18CN2T 1800 kg
FB18N2T 1800 kg
FB20N2T 2000 kg

Key Features

360° Steering

360° Steering

Allows smooth turning without the 'pause' of a 3-point turn. It not only saves time in each and every turn - which adds up over the length of a shift - but puts less force on the load. This makes for quicker, safer, and more stable operation.

<strong>Sensitive Drive System+</strong> (<strong>SDS+</strong>)

Sensitive Drive System+ (SDS+)

This driver-assist system responds intuitively to the individual operator's input - altering the performance characteristics for greater productivity and safety.

<strong>Intelligent Cornering System</strong>

Intelligent Cornering System

Automatically adjusts truck speed according to steer angle for increased operator and site safety, improved productivity and reduced tyre wear.

<strong>Automatic Hill Hold</strong>

Automatic Hill Hold

AHH prevents rollback even when fully loaded on very steep ramps. This makes for safer and faster loading/unloading. Operator safety is increased while improving productivity and reducing product damage.

Red Dot design award winner

Red Dot design award winner

Red Dot is an internationally recognised symbol of outstanding design, marking the best in aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. The truck's next-generation design, combined with a host of outstanding features, and class-leading ergonomics greatly impressed the expert jury.

Mini steering wheel with floating armrest

Mini steering wheel with floating armrest

This ergonomically adjustable control setup makes operating far more comfortable for the driver during long shifts. This not only minimises fatigue, keeping them more focused and productive, but reduces the risk of RSI and other strains in the neck and shoulders, a common cause of driver absence which comes with related costs.

Li-ion battery

Li-ion battery

This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance - avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers. (Option)

<strong>Passive Sway Control</strong>

Passive Sway Control

Mast sway movements are dampened by the chassis, enabling operators to lift confidently to high heights.

Electric differential lock

Electric differential lock

When activated, the electric differential lock will give the truck the best possible traction by spinning both front wheels, and can be preset to engage when speed is low or steering angle is limited.

Dual joysticks

Dual joysticks

Offering simultaneous lift and tilt functions, the ergonomic dual joysticks have good grip, especially when used with gloves.

<strong><span style=text-transform:none;>AutoBoost<span></strong>


The truck senses when power is needed, and will automatically activate acceleration and torque boosts.