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CareCo is one of the UK’s leading whole-range suppliers of mobility aids. With more than 200 employees, the company offers an exceptionally wide range of products that play an essential role in daily life, helping its customers maintain their independence.


Market leader majors on Mitsubishi forklift trucks

What was the challenge?

CareCo was relocating from its previous showroom-warehouse in Brentwood and required a variety of lift trucks to operate in its new purpose-designed facility incorporating 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space in Braintree.

Why this product(s)?

CareCo was equipped with two Mitsubishi VELiA low level order pickers, two Mitsubishi PREMiA power pallet trucks, one Mitsubishi SENSiA reach truck, plus two Mitsubishi EDiA electric counterbalance trucks.

What was the outcome?

CareCo was impressed by how nimble and reliable the trucks were and was able to commence operations right on schedule following the relocation to the new site.

Overcoming dual challenges

In moving to a new site, CareCo had to coordinate the movement of stock to the new facility and also identify the right equipment to ensure the new warehouse would operate at its optimum. This was achieved seamlessly with the help of the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor who efficiently supplied the most appropriate handling equipment.

The international shortage of forklift and warehouse trucks meant that we had to be really creative, using a range of different models to ensure that CareCo were able to commence operations right on schedule.

Joe Bronze

Local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Huge range handled with ease

The Mitsubishi VELiA low level order pickers are used for larger items such as wheelchairs and bath lifts. The Mitsubishi SENSiA reach truck feeds the mezzanine floor where smaller items are stored. The PREMiA power pallet and EDiA counterbalance trucks are used to run stock away from assembly lines before being taken to the intake lanes for the racking.

We supply everything from a mobility scooter to the rubber tips that go on the ends of walking sticks. It’s a huge range that calls for specialised storage and handling systems, but our truck fleet handles it with ease.

Steve Robinson

CareCo Head of Operations

Nimble and exceptionally reliable

As well as using Mitsubishi forklift trucks at the Braintree site, CareCo have additional trucks at a distribution facility in Leeds – also supplied by their local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor, including a Mitsubishi VELiA low level order picker and a Mitsubishi EDiA electric counterbalance truck that keep goods moving. The CareCo team are extremely happy with the trucks at both sites, as well as the outstanding response times from the service team.

The trucks have been excellent. The Mitsubishi low level order pickers and power pallet trucks are really nimble and all the trucks have been exceptionally reliable. On the service side, the team are fantastic. They’ve been with CareCo from the start and have proved themselves time and again.

Steve Robinson

CareCo Head of Operations

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