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Based in Nelson, Lancashire, pioneering composite steel drainage pipe company, AquaSpira, manufactures large diameter pipe and tank systems for the water and construction industries.


Big Plans in the Pipeline

Mitsubishi EDiA electric counterbalance trucks help leading pipe manufacturer reduce costs and emissions as part of extensive carbon-cutting programme. 

What was the challenge?

The customer was looking to de-carbonise production and reduce environmental impact, while keeping productivity high.

Why this product(s)?

Electric EDiA EM and EX trucks, emission-free operation, low energy usage, and a range of safety and stability features.

What was the outcome?

AquaSpira has greatly lowered the carbon impact of its fleet due to the lack of direct emissions and charging trucks via the solar panels.

Small but tough

AquaSpira had ambitious plans to reduce its embodied carbon by half. This included the use of recycled materials in its manufacturing, the installation of solar panels, and reducing our road mileage. Part of the plan was by looking to switch from IC engine trucks to electric forklifts. When the company's three trucks were due for replacement, AquaSpira contacted its local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor for support.


We are investing in a series of initiatives to de-carbonise our production, in line with our R&D innovations to de-carbonise through pipe design and sensors. Choosing electric forklifts will help us cut not only our carbon footprint but also our running costs.

Neil Wallace

Managing Director at AquaSpira

Run on the sun

The local distributor worked with AquaSpira to source the right trucks for its operations, recommending three models from the award-wining Mitsubishi EDiA range - renowned for its agility, strength, and state-of-the-art ergonomics.  

Given the different requirements across the site AquaSpira acquired a 2-tonne EDiA EM FB20AN for use in the warehouse, a 2.5-tonne EDiA EX FB25CN for general purpose work such as unloading and loading, and a 3-tonne EDiA EX FB30CN for heavy-duty lifting of steel coils and finished pipes.  

In the future, AquaSpira plans to install solar panels to generate electricity for the site, allowing the forklifts to be charged using renewable energy. 

These trucks are lifting large metal and plastic loads which have a tendency to slip and move, so extra care is needed. EDiA has a Sensitive Drive System that ensures smooth movement and its Intelligent Cornering System calculates angles at the very start of a turn and automatically optimises speed for greater stability.

Lee Whittaker

Sales Manager at the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Clean and quiet

The new EDiA electric trucks are used to cover a large site over varied and sometimes uneven terrain but have proved equal to every challenge. As well as supporting leaner and cleaner operations, electric trucks have the added benefit of being future-proof, given the end to red diesel subsidies that saw the running costs of diesel trucks soar. 

The operators like the new trucks and the fact that we can adjust a lot of the truck settings means every task is handled with ease. The noise is the biggest difference we noticed. The EDiA forklifts are very quiet, and as there are no emissions it is much safer for anyone working around them, especially in the warehouse.

Leigh Cain

Transport Supervisor at AquaSpira

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