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With a 150-year pedigree for creating the best beds in the world, Relyon supplies a range of prestige products with the focus on natural fillings and bespoke options. The company distributes through a number of channels, from independent stores to national retailers.


GRENDiA fits the bill

Leading bed manufacturer doubles its fleet of Mitsubishi forklift trucks to support fast-expanding operations.

What was the challenge?

Relyon has been using Mitsubishi forklifts at its large Somerset site for a number of years and was in need of reliable additional kit.

Why this product(s)?

The GRENDiA is adaptable and allows indoor-outdoor duties, while the PBPL supports tasks with bulky loads.

What was the outcome?

Operators were impressed with the trucks and the range of features that make a big difference to safety and productivity.

The bulk of the work

At the company's busy site, trucks are not only required to carry large pallets with raw materials, but are also used at later stages of the manufacturing process to move finished products such as mattresses. Relyon therefore needed trucks capable of handling bulky loads, while operating in tight spaces.

The trucks are used to unload deliveries of materials such as large rolls of steel, which are then used to make coil springs. We also use trucks fitted with clamps to carry large blocks of foam. There is a lot happening on site with trucks moving inside and outside to various production areas.

Laurie Farley

Logistics Manager at Relyon

Trucks for every stage

After assessing the site, the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor made recommendations that would best suit the wide range of tasks performed.

Relyon received four new Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FD18N forklifts, three new GRENDiA ES FD25N forklifts, and one new GRENDiA ES FD35N.

To support operators in transporting large blocks of foam, Relyon also ordered 2 Mitsubishi PBPL Li-ion powered electric pallet trucks fitted with extra-long 2m forks.

GRENDiA is a compact truck that provides the power and performance to operate effectively and efficiently in tight spaces. Given the size of the loads, and the fact that many trucks are crossing each other around the site between production areas, visibility was important. The clear-view mast maximises the operator's ability to see forks and loads, as well as what is happening around them.

Paul Schock

Managing Director at the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Effective features

The entire fleet at Relyon is in use throughout a demanding 8-hour shift, so reliability was key - no matter what the task or weather.

GRENDiA forklifts have a sealed belly plate that protects the engine from the elements when working outdoors, and prevents dust and dirt being circulated into the air when operating indoors. This is crucial for avoiding contamination of sensitive materials in the warehouses and production areas.

The operators were also impressed by how easy the trucks are to use.

Even something as small as having a handle and horn attached to the window makes reversing easier and safer as they can alert colleagues on foot to the presence of the forklift if necessary. Little things like that are simple but highly effective. We got the right equipment that fits the needs of our operations, and our operators are really happy with the trucks. You can't ask for much more.

Laurie Farley

Logistics Manager at Relyon

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