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VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series

OPBL10P Series

The quick and easy next-level order picker
  • Order Picker | Second Level
  • 1.0 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power
Ultra low step, ultra high performance

In order picking, where the pressure is on, trucks are put to the test. And only the strongest survive. And our VELiA EM range of second-level order pickers is just that. Developed for efficient and safe picking, this 1000 kg workhorse does more than protect your operators... it works harmoniously with them, too.

Take its ultra-low step height. At just 160 mm, it's up to 45% lower than some competitors. But, more than that, it significantly reduces your operator's efforts, as well as the risk of slips, trips and falls. And then there's VELiA EM's wide entry. At 603 mm wide, it can accommodate drivers of all sizes in comfort.

But that sort of intelligent thinking doesn't stop when you're in the compartment, either. Its Operator Presence Sensor covers a wide area. Because it serves as a dead man's switch, it eliminates a potential trip hazard... while allowing your pickers to move freely in the spacious cabin.

Model Capacity
OPBL10P with EasyLift 1000 kg
OPBL10P without EasyLift 1000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Class-leading on/off access

Class-leading on/off access

is offered by the lowest step height in its class (160 mm) and the widest entry (603 mm).

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Designed for order picking

Designed for order picking

models benefit from plenty of storage space in a high productivity picker design.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Visibility from every angle

Visibility from every angle

is possible through features including our MaxVision mast, reducing risk of damage to stock and racking.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Robust construction

Robust construction

includes a wraparound steel bumper for extended life and increased operator protection.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - ECO mode

ECO mode

reduces energy consumption by 12% without compromising on performance.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Operator Presence Sensor

Operator Presence Sensor

covers a wide area - eliminating the need for a dead man's switch, while allowing operators to move freely.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - EasyLift design

EasyLift design

allows operators to raise and lower pallets to comfortable heights during picking and retrieving to reduce risk of back strain.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - High speed option

High speed option

increases speed from 9 km/h to 12 km/h - speeding up long shuttles to help you get the most from your pickers.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Rapid battery access

Rapid battery access

together with battery rollers and battery discharge indicator, ensures quick and easy checks and maintenance.

Mitsubishi VELiA EM - OPBL10P Series - Powerful AC motor

Powerful AC motor

offers high drive speed and acceleration - even when loaded - and operations that are smooth, quiet and controlled.