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VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series

TBR30-50N2 Series

Harness the power Maximise your potential
  • Tow Truck
  • 3.0-5.0 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power
Strong, uniquely adaptive, clean running

When it comes to pulling power, nothing quite compares to our VANTiA range of tow tractors. Strong, yet super smart and precise, it's the tow tractor you need to get the job done... wherever and whatever that job may be.

Powerful, clean-running and absolutely versatile, VANTiA is just as suitable for a high-intensity factory, as it is for ones which demand cleanliness.

Our 3.0 and 5.0 tonne models are packed with intelligent features, such as our highly intuitive SDS technology. Uniquely, it tunes the truck's performance with your driver's for harmonious productivity.

Model Capacity
TBR30N2 3000 kg
TBR50N2 5000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Class-leading energy efficiency

Class-leading energy efficiency

Because VANTiA is 14 per cent more efficient than its nearest competitor, it lets you work as leanly as possible.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Maxius steering wheel

Maxius steering wheel

Protected Design Keeping all operating controls within easy reach, Maxius offers the ultimate in ergonomics, comfort and design: reducing risk of arm fatigue and increasing productivity.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Hyper-intelligent co-working

Hyper-intelligent co-working

VANTiA's Sensitive Drive System moulds the truck's behaviour to your operator's and application's for operations that are consistently easier, steadier and safer.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Advanced electric steering

Advanced electric steering

To enhance your operator's safety and productivity, VANTiA benefits from automatic speed reduction in curves and automatic drive wheel centering.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Robust, economical design

Robust, economical design

As well as being safety-certified, VANTiA lowers service costs, too.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Flying Start technology

Flying Start technology

By reducing the amount of time required for acceleration, VANTiA maximises operator productivity.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - High-productivity operating environment

High-productivity operating environment

VANTiA's triple-suspension floating floor with sideways dampening and advanced cushioning keeps microvibrations to a minimum for outstanding operator comfort.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Market-leading ground clearance

Market-leading ground clearance

VANTiA's exceptional ground clearance of up to 220 mm ensures that ramp and loading dock operations are easy, safe and efficient.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Single-handed steering

Single-handed steering

Allows operator to turn around for a better view when manoeuvring in reverse.

Mitsubishi VANTiA - TBR30-50N2 Series - Tight turning circle

Tight turning circle

Exceptional manoeuvrability is offered by VANTiA's 100-degree steering angle, responsive steering and compact chassis.