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TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series

FD60-100N3 Series

Class-leading performance Without compromise
  • Diesel Counterbalance
  • 6.0-10.0 Tonnes
  • 6 wheels
Class-leading speed and safety

Built for even the most challenging environments, TREXiA ES is a heavy-duty diesel counter­balance that deals with tough situations with the reliability you expect from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.

Best-in-class travel speeds of 27 km/h are possible thanks to a 3.8 L four-cylinder common rail turbo diesel engine fully compliant with Stage V Euro emissions regulations. It delivers up to 81 kW (110 HP) of power for high productivity, low noise and low fuel consumption.

TREXiA ES has market-leading views of the load and forktips, with exceptional all-round visibility thanks to a ClearView mast and low counterweight design. These all help operators to work easier and safer.

Model Capacity
FD100N3 10000 kg
FD60N3 6000 kg
FD70N3 7000 kg
FD80N3 8000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series - Exceptional all-round visibility

Exceptional all-round visibility

Designed with a ClearView mast with market-leading fork tip visibility and a low counterweight for safer operations.

Mitsubishi TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series - Class-leading travel speeds

Class-leading travel speeds

Powerful four-cylinder common rail turbo diesel stage V engine allows for speeds up to 27 km/h.

Mitsubishi TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series - Spacious operator compartment

Spacious operator compartment

Built to accommodate a wide range of operator sizes, the TREXiA cabin in comfortable, ergonomic and highly optimised.

Mitsubishi TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series - Integrated Presence System (IPS)

Integrated Presence System (IPS)

Integrated Presence System (IPS) logo A wide range of features including parking brake alarm and warning light work together to make TREXiA safer to operate.

Mitsubishi TREXiA - FD60-100N3 Series - Low-noise design

Low-noise design

At 86 dBA, this is among the lowest in its class and helps keep the operator comfortable during shifts.