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- THD13-15N3 Series

THD13-15N3 Series

VNA mastery reach truck-like agility
  • VNA Truck | Man-down
  • 1.3-1.5 Tonnes
  • 48 Volts
  • AC-Power
VNA performance, reach truck-like agility

Narrow aisles and high racking let you maximise your valuable warehouse space. With the THD13-15N3 Series you get an exceptional VNA truck with reach truck-like agility as well as many similar features - the perfect combination to make the most of your optimised layout.

Its market-leading performance - with top speeds of up to 14 km/h - combined with ergonomic design and comprehensive safety features make for high productivity through incredibly efficient, safe operation.

When outside of aisles, VNA trucks can often be less efficient and manoeuvrable. This usually means P&D stations and feeder trucks are needed so the VNA trucks can remain in the aisles. The cycle times of VNA trucks and feeder trucks rarely sync up, which means time wasted while one is sat idle.

Model Capacity
THD13N3 1250 kg
THD15N3 1500 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - THD13-15N3 Series - Automatic Speed Reduction

Automatic Speed Reduction

For safer operation when the truck is operating outside of guided stacking aisles, drive speed is automatically reduced when forks are raised above a certain height.

Mitsubishi - THD13-15N3 Series - Two trucks in one

Two trucks in one

While the THD13-15N3 series is an excellent, efficient VNA truck inside the aisles, it also manages to retain reach truck-like levels of agility and manoeuvrability when out of the aisles. The benefit of this is not needing P&D stations, feeder trucks, and extra drivers as this truck can do it all. You benefit from high storage capacity at your site, but keep the fleet to a minimum.

Mitsubishi - THD13-15N3 Series - MaxVision


The truck been fully optimised to give the operator the widest all-around view possible. The clear view through the mast allows an excellent view of the forks and load. This increases driver confidence, safety and productivity.

Mitsubishi - THD13-15N3 Series - Multifunctional Ergologic Joystick

Multifunctional Ergologic Joystick

This highly ergonomic joystick provides a single ergonomic grip for up to seven different functions, including lifting, lowering, rotation and fork traverse. Having these functions mapped to a single joystick makes for intuitive, natural operation.

Mitsubishi - THD13-15N3 Series - Level Assist System (option)

Level Assist System (option)

The system detects a drop-off in lift speed input, sensing the operator's intent and stopping the forks are at precisely at the right level for safer, more efficient handling.