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PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series

PBR20-30N2 Series

Powerful performance exceptional ergonomics
  • Power Pallet | Stand-in
  • 2.0-3.0 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power
Keeping your drivers protected and productive

For horizontal transport over medium-to-long distances, ensure your operators have the comfort and safety benefits of a stand-in power pallet. The ergonomic controls, comfortable operator compartment, and easy entry and exit make longer shifts stress-free and far less fatiguing for the driver.

The stand-in power pallet design contains the operator completely within the truck, keeping them protected by the chassis. The stand-in concept also allows for a highly compact footprint. Along with the incredibly tight turning circle, this makes narrower aisle layouts much more feasible.

Engineered for optimum efficiency, with high acceleration and fast travel speeds, PREMiA EX offers operators consistently smooth, stable performance. And with straightforward servicing and legendary Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reliability, PREMiA EX will keep downtime to a minimum.

Model Capacity
PBR20N2 2000 kg
PBR30N2 3000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series - Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System (ICS) logo The truck senses the angle of a turn and reduces speed early. This makes for much safer handling with maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series - Fully adjustable steering wheel

Fully adjustable steering wheel

The steering wheel minimises the effort required to operate the truck as it supports a more relaxed driving position, ensuring the operator stays comfortable and in control throughout long shifts. It is height and angle adjustable to suit drivers of all sizes.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series - 360-degree steering

360-degree steering

360-Mini logo Patent Protected Allows smooth turning without the 'pause' of a 3-point turn. It not only saves time in each and every turn - which adds up over the length of a shift - but puts less force on the load. This makes for quicker, safer, and more stable operation.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series - Dynamic Power Steering

Dynamic Power Steering

A progressive steering ratio reduces the effort needed by the operator, making driving smooth and responsive. This reduces operator fatigue and improves steering precision, increasing driveability and reducing the risk of damage.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EX - PBR20-30N2 Series - Li-ion battery

Li-ion battery

Li-ion Battery Technology logo This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance - avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers.