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PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series

PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series

Small in size Big on performance
  • Platform Power Pallet
  • 2.0-2.5 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power
Intuitive, reliable, comfortable

The PREMiA EM range is available in three variations: foldable platform, fixed platform rear entry, and fixed platform side entry. Each truck is available in either 2 tonne or 2.5 tonne capacities. All trucks feature a heavy-duty chassis in 3 sizes: mini, junior and senior to suit all battery requirements. The mini chassis is also the shortest on the market.

The patented DriveSteady system ensures outstanding drive wheel pressures, excellent shock absorption and side stability when cornering - making PREMiA EM a milestone power pallet truck.

The ergonomically shaped, best-in-class ErgoSteer tiller head features easily accessible controls that allow the operator to manoeuvre the truck comfortably, safely and intuitively, keeping their focus on the job at hand.

Model Capacity
PBF20N3R 2000 kg
PBF20N3S 2000 kg
PBF25N3R 2500 kg
PBF25N3S 2500 kg
PBV20N3 2000 kg
PBV25N3 2500 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - ErgoSteer tiller head

ErgoSteer tiller head

Class-leading, IP65-rated weather-proof tiller head with easy-to-reach controls ergonomically placed for greater comfort and less fatigue.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - Combi controller lift system

Combi controller lift system

The operator can easily control the speed of the forks when lifting and lowering, for smoother operation.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - Market-leading lift height of 220 mm

Market-leading lift height of 220 mm

Ideal for handling on steep ramps, loading docks and uneven surfaces, even when using recycled pallets.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - EasyRide adjustable dampening system

EasyRide adjustable dampening system

Electric dampening allows operator to adjust the platform to their weight, optimising the dampening effects and ensuring safer and more comfortable operations.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - DriveSteady


DS-MiniBrand.svg logo Patent Protected Unique patented system offers maximum traction, damping and stability on uneven surfaces and in wet conditions, especially when cornering.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20-25N3(R)(S) Series - Li-ion battery (option)

Li-ion battery (option)

Li-ion Battery Technology logo This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance - avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers.