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PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series

PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series

One exceptional truck Double the productivity
  • Double Pallet Handler
  • 2.0 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power
First choice when performance and precision matter

The PREMiA EM double pallet handler is built for highly demanding work where performance and precision are key. It's available in both fixed platform and folding platform configurations with fast acceleration and drive speeds, and market-leading lifting and lowering speeds. The initial lift feature allows for higher ground clearance when needed and allows for the transportation of stacked pallets, doubling productivity, and reducing the time needed to move them from A to B.

It's an ideal choice for pallet transfer work in busy logistics terminals, industrial warehouses, and for loading and unloading vehicles thanks to a host of cutting-edge features. Market-leading lifting and lowering speeds means the time per pallet moved stays as low as possible, giving a much lower total cost of operation. Robust construction and legendary Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reliability means it can stand up to the most strenuous shifts and keep uptime at a maximum.

But high performances and long shifts aren't achived if the operator isn't at their best. The patented DriveSteady and TractionPlus systems ensure outstanding drive wheel pressures, excellent shock absorption and side stability when cornering, making for a smoother, safer ride throughout. The best-in-class ErgoSteer tiller head makes operation simple, comfortable, and intuitive for operators, keeping them fully focused on the task in hand.

Model Capacity
PBF20N3DR 2000 / 1000+1000 kg
PBF20N3DS 2000 / 1000+1000 kg
PBV20N3D 2000 / 1000+1000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - ErgoSteer tiller head

ErgoSteer tiller head

Class-leading, IP65-rated weather-proof tiller head with easy-to-reach controls ergonomically placed for greater comfort and less fatigue.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - DriveSteady


DS-MiniBrand.svg logo Patent Protected Unique patented system offers maximum traction, damping and stability on uneven surfaces and in wet conditions, especially when cornering.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - Market-leading lifting and lowering speed

Market-leading lifting and lowering speed

Productivity can be kept extremely high with the high performance handling of the PREMiA EM DPH.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - EasyRide adjustable dampening system (platform models)

EasyRide adjustable dampening system (platform models)

Electric dampening allows operator to adjust the platform to their weight, optimising the dampening effects and ensuring safer and more comfortable operations.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - Initial Lift

Initial Lift

By carrying two stacked pallets at once, productivity can be doubled. Initial lift also allows for loads to be raised higher for better ground clearance on ramps, inclines, and uneven surfaces.

Mitsubishi PREMiA EM - PBV/PBF20N3D(R)(S) Series - Li-ion battery (option)

Li-ion battery (option)

This option allows for quick charging, while minimising maintenance - avoiding the need for costly extra batteries and time-consuming changeovers.