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- ME25 / MV25 Series

ME25 / MV25 Series

Robust and reliable A warehouse workhorse
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • 2.5 Tonnes
Robust reliability for any warehouse applications

Simple and effective in retail and warehousing applications, our hand pallet trucks have been designed to work hard and give long-lasting performance with minimal servicing. ME25 models are our premium pallet trucks which have been designed in European markets for European markets. MV25 models are also available as an economical alternative.

Able to transport loads up to 2.5 tonnes, its durable design increases productivity and efficiency in warehouse and retail applications and provides ultimate long-term value.

Model Capacity
ME25HNSN 2500 kg
ME25IPTP 2500 kg
ME25JNSN 2500 kg
ME25JPTP 2500 kg
ME25LPTP 2500 kg
ME25MNSN 2500 kg
ME25MNTN 2500 kg
ME25MPSP 2500 kg
ME25MPTP 2500 kg
ME25MRTP 2500 kg
ME25WPTP 2500 kg
MV25HRTP 2500 kg
MV25IPTP 2500 kg
MV25IRTP 2500 kg
MV25MNSN 2500 kg
MV25MNTN 2500 kg
MV25MPSP 2500 kg
MV25MPTP 2500 kg
MV25MRTP 2500 kg
MV25OPSP 2500 kg
MV25ORTP 2500 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - ME25 / MV25 Series - Robust frame

Robust frame

The hand pallets are ultra durable and can cope with the toughest shifts thanks to the exceptionally strong reinforced steel construction.

Mitsubishi - ME25 / MV25 Series - Ergonomic high-strength polyamide handle

Ergonomic high-strength polyamide handle

This offers better heat and cold temperature resistance compared to a traditional steel handle. This makes working in different environments (such as cold storage) more comfortable for operators as well as being much safer. (ME models)

Mitsubishi - ME25 / MV25 Series - Compact design with tight turning circle

Compact design with tight turning circle

Unrivalled manoeuvrability in small spaces due to its 210° steering angle. Can help to keep aisles narrow and productivity high.