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- FB60-120N(H) Series

FB60-120N(H) Series

Great power Exceptional economy
  • Electric Counterbalance
  • 6.0-12.0 Tonnes
  • 96 Volts
  • AC-Power

As the largest electric models in the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range, the FB60-120N(H) electric counter­balance series delivers huge power, with no compromises to performance and precision. Best-in-class acceleration and smart energy use makes for a highly efficient addition to any work site.

Each model features a features a rubber-sealed cabin that minimises microvibrations and reduces noise in the cabin, making for a more comfortable, stress-free environment for the driver. Excellent forward visibility and rear cameras make for safer, more confident operation.

An ideal alternative to IC engine trucks, FB60-120N(H) series models are the heavy duty workhorses you can rely on. A low overhead guard option is available on all models - even up to 12-tonnes - allowing the truck to be used in container applications for greater fleet flexibility.

Model Capacity
FB100N 10000 kg
FB100NH 10000 kg
FB120NH 12000 kg
FB60N 6000 kg
FB60NH 6000 kg
FB65N 6500 kg
FB65NH 6500 kg
FB70N 7000 kg
FB70NH 7000 kg
FB80N 8000 kg
FB80N-900 8000 kg
FB80NH 8000 kg
FB80NH-900 8000 kg
FB90N 9000 kg
FB90NH 9000 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - FB60-120N(H) Series - Comfortable cabin

Comfortable cabin

The overall noise inside the cabin is just 65 dBA - that's similar to normal conversation level - providing a quiet and stress-free environment where the operator can focus on the task at hand.

Mitsubishi - FB60-120N(H) Series - Four Wheel Steering (4WS)

Four Wheel Steering (4WS)

Four Wheel Steering (4WS) logo This gives better grip and manoeuvrability, particularly in tight spaces, as the truck can turn quickly and easily on the spot. This high manoeuvrability translates to increased efficiency and productivity. (H models only)

Mitsubishi - FB60-120N(H) Series - Low Noise Lift

Low Noise Lift

High noise levels have long been recognized as a major factor contributing to operator fatigue. At 65 dBA, this is the lowest in its class and helps keep the operator more comfortable during shifts.

Mitsubishi - FB60-120N(H) Series - Rapid battery exchange

Rapid battery exchange

The dual-battery setup (2 x 48 V batteries, one on each side of the truck) streamlines the process of battery replacement by enabling quick and easy swaps using a pallet truck or counter­balance.

Mitsubishi - FB60-120N(H) Series - Low seat

Low seat

Having a seat height similar to that of many IC engine trucks offers significant ergonomic advantages. It reduces physical strain on operators, minimising the effort required to access the driver's seat, reducing fatigue and strain during shifts. It also makes for an easier transition for operators used to IC engine trucks as the working environment will be familiar.