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- MOPB015Q1Series

MOPB015Q1 Series

Steady lifting Safer picking
  • Mini Order Picker
  • 0.15 Tonnes
  • 24 Volts
  • AC-Power

For workplaces still using ladders for light to medium volume order picking such as shops, retail, and warehouse applications (as well as maintenance tasks up to a height of 5 m), the MOPB15Q1 Series makes for a safer and more productive alternative to help reduce the chance of injuries. Built around operator safety, the trucks are easy to use but can make a big difference to productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.

The base platform carries up to 150 kg, while the load tray has a capacity of 90 kg.

With an incredibly compact design and tight turning circle, these order pickers work well in narrow spaces. The stable mast design and easy-to-use fingertip controls make for a vehicle that gives the operator confidence to do their job.

Model Capacity
MOPB015Q1 90 + 150 + 130 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - MOPB015Q1Series - Compact chassis

Compact chassis

The very compact chassis design allows the machine to work in much tighter aisles - releasing valuable storage space and making it safer to operate.

Mitsubishi - MOPB015Q1Series - Automatic Speed Reduction

Automatic Speed Reduction

For safer operation drive speed is automatically reduced when platform is raised above a certain height.

Mitsubishi - MOPB015Q1Series - Operator Presence Sensor

Operator Presence Sensor

This eliminates the need for a dead man's switch, a common trip hazard, while allowing operators to move stand comfortably.

Mitsubishi - MOPB015Q1Series - Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking

This energy-saving feature gives effective control, reduces brake wear and offers a longer shift life.

Mitsubishi - MOPB015Q1Series - Tow device

Tow device

In addition to the regular order picking features, the truck can pull light trailers if needed. (Option)