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FB40-55(C)N(H) Series

Quiet and steady For complete comfort and control
  • Electric Counterbalance
  • 4.0-5.5 Tonnes
  • 4 wheels
  • 80 Volts
  • AC-Power
Discover the EDiA range

The EDiA XL benefits from revolutionary features designed to give operators greater control than ever before. Electric differential lock provides optimum traction, and Four Wheel Steering ensures better grip and precision handling. EDiA XL is also equipped with AutoBoost for extra speed and power when you need it most.

It is well known that if an operator is comfortable they will be more productive. EDiA XL features a rubber-sealed cabin that minimises microvibrations, and the Low Noise Lift is the quietest on the market at only 65 dB. EDiA XL also includes AC and heater options, so temperatures can be adjusted to suit the operator. These features combine to create a stress-free environment where the operator can focus on the task at hand.

For optimal handling, EDiA XL has dual joysticks that offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions, as well as Adaptive Lift Control (ALC) for added stability and little chassis movement when lowering loads.

Model Capacity
FB40N 4000 kg
FB45N 4500 kg
FB50CN 4990 kg
FB50N 4990 kg
FB50NH 5000 kg
FB55NH 5500 kg

Key Features

Mini steering wheel

Mini steering wheel

The mini steering wheel minimises the effort required to operate the truck as it supports a more relaxed driving position, ensuring the operator stays comfortable and in control throughout long shifts. (Option)

<strong><span style=text-transform:none;>AutoBoost<span></strong>


The truck senses when power is needed, and will automatically activate acceleration and torque boosts.

<strong>Adaptive Lift Control</strong> (<strong>ALC</strong>)

Adaptive Lift Control (ALC)

Operators can ensure smooth lowering of loads with fewer truck movements for fast, precise operations, regardless of load weight.

Dual joysticks

Dual joysticks

Offering simultaneous lift and tilt functions, the ergonomic dual joysticks have good grip, especially when used with gloves.

Red Dot design award winner

Red Dot design award winner

Red Dot is an internationally recognised symbol of outstanding design, marking the best in aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. The truck's next-generation design, combined with a host of outstanding features, and class-leading ergonomics greatly impressed the expert jury.

Comfortable cabin

Comfortable cabin

The overall noise inside the cabin is just 65 dB - that's similar to normal conversation level - providing a quiet and stress-free environment where the operator can focus on the task at hand.

Electric differential lock

Electric differential lock

When activated, the electric differential lock will give the truck the best possible traction by spinning both front wheels, and can be preset to engage when speed is low or steering angle is limited.

<strong>Intelligent Cornering System</strong>

Intelligent Cornering System

The truck will slow down earlier in the turn for much smoother, safer cornering.

<strong>Sensitive Drive System+</strong> (<strong>SDS+</strong>)

Sensitive Drive System+ (SDS+)

This driver-assist system responds intuitively to the individual operator's input - altering the performance characteristics for greater productivity and safety.

Four Wheel Steering (<strong><strong>4WS</strong></strong>)

Four Wheel Steering (4WS)

This gives better grip and manoeuvrability, particularly in tight spaces, as the truck can turn quickly and easily on the spot.

<strong>Passive Sway Control</strong>

Passive Sway Control

Mast sway movements are dampened by the chassis, enabling operators to lift confidently to high heights.

UKMHA Environmental Product of the Year 2022

UKMHA Environmental Product of the Year 2022

The jury of industry experts felt the cutting-edge Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks technologies such as AutoBoost and Low Noise Lift made it a clean, energy-efficient, electric alternative to 4–5.5-tonne IC engine trucks in more environments than before.