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How partnering with MFT can streamline your operations

Lee Longbottom

Time is money.

While each process within your material handling operations – charging your forklifts, picking products, transporting pallets – is in place to drive profit, every action or task carried out has a cost.

These types of expenditures are, of course, essential when it comes to running a business. But you can minimise your costs by streamlining your operations. Once your operations and processes are streamlined and optimised, you will experience increased uptime, reduced TCO (total cost of operation) and a surge in your profits.

At Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, we provide suitable solutions that make your intralogistics processes as efficient as possible whilst reducing your total operating costs.


Routine site surveys can aid in accident prevention, enhance productivity, and result in cost savings.

By pinpointing everything from the integrity of equipment to operational efficacy, the practice of regular site inspections becomes as a proactive shield against potential hazards and a strategic lens for identifying areas where you can enhance efficiency.

To get the most from your site inspections it is essential that they are carried out regularly and systematically by a knowledgeable materials handling supplier who understands the needs of your business.

During an inspection, every aspect of your premises should be analysed. From the condition of your racking systems to the types of trucks used to transport your products, a good supplier will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best recommendations for your business.

Even the condition of your site’s floors will be a point for consideration. Rough surfaces contribute significantly to wheel wear and tear, translating into inflated maintenance costs. A forward-thinking supplier will not only acknowledge this crucial factor but also propose strategies to extend equipment longevity. This can be anything from different wheels, to floor improvements, to load cushioning.


We’re not fixed on one type of technology, so the battery solutions we provide are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs.

The power of electricity is important now more than ever before. Electric-powered vehicles are beneficial to your warehouse, your operators, and the wider environment. This sustainable option means that many businesses are choosing to use lead-acid or lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-powered forklift trucks. Each battery type has specific features and benefits, and the best solution for you is one that’s in line with your company’s goals and the facility. Key aspects such as maintenance, price, efficiency, sustainability, application and TCO factor in when it comes to choosing the right power solution for your operations.

Li-ion batteries, for example, are an ideal choice for those looking for something maintenance-free as lead-acid batteries require topping up – which often has to be carried out by an engineer. This means they use more water than their lithium counterparts and water has to be delivered to the facility, along with the engineer. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper upon initial purchase, however, Li-ion batteries can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

The type of battery you choose will likely be situational – for example, you may wish to invest in Li-ion, but perhaps you don’t have the space to implement charging stations. Ultimately, the best option for you is the one that’s practical for your company.


Often challenging spaces to operate in, cold, frozen, and chilled stores are essential in many material handling operations, so finding the right cold store solution is key to streamlining your operations.

Cold stores can greatly affect battery power, so different battery technology allows for more stamina in the cold store. High-capacity batteries and fast battery changeover systems can counter the battery-draining effects of cold temperatures.

When you take a forklift battery into a cold store, it depletes around 20% of the battery capacity. Our manufacturers have taken this on board and have created high-capacity batteries that are the same size as standard batteries. This ensures you can better cope with the arduous environment of the cold stores and not be affected by the battery depletion they cause.

Aside from innovative battery technology, our cold store equipment is a range built specifically for cold store operations, offering climate-controlled cabins that increase operator comfort and reduce downtime. Additionally, we can simulate different storage solutions, fleet requirements, battery numbers, and so on, to ensure you’re getting the most appropriate solution.


We offer competitive purchase, rental and leasing options to provide you with the best-integrated value for your material handling operations. Our finance options help to streamline your operations by providing you with flexibility when it comes to your equipment.

Whether you decide to purchase, rent, or lease, partnering with one supplier reduces your line of credit, making your financial dealings more seamless and reliable. Our range of forklifts and warehouse equipment offer class-leading energy efficiency, they’re designed with ergonomic features at the forefront, and they’re created with low-maintenance components and protective systems.


We provide driver training for both forklifts and warehouse equipment. A well-trained forklift driver improves the efficiency of your operations, and the overall productivity of your warehouse, and contributes to the continued safety of your operators.

Whether you’re someone who has never driven a truck before, a person who needs to learn how to operate a counterbalance or reach truck, or a seasoned professional who needs refresher training for an expired licence, our training encompasses everything you need.

If you’re unsure what you require, we can work with you to consider which training courses best suit your material flow and your team, both individually and in groups.


Warehouses, no matter which industry you reside in, are potentially hazardous spaces. As a result, safety cannot be underestimated.

The potential for injuries and spillages heightens when people aren’t adequately trained, aware of their surroundings, or fail to assess their vehicles. Pre-shift checks via fleet management are a great place to start — ensuring your vehicle is safe before manoeuvring around a busy warehouse.

Lighting is another element which factors into ensuring safe and streamlined operations. For example, Mitsubishi Safety Zone lighting projects bright red lines of light onto the ground behind and to the sides of the truck. This feature is specifically designed to maintain a safe distance around a forklift so that pedestrians and other truck drivers can be made aware of another truck that’s within close proximity.

Of course, training, checks, and lighting are key to maintaining a safe working environment, but so are having direct access to parts in case of a breakdown or maintenance. We can guarantee increased uptime, as our engineers are supported by a UK warehouse and carry 80% of fast-moving parts suitable for all of our ergonomically-designed vehicles.

Whether you delve into the solutions illustrated above or our wide product portfolio, our goal is to give you a bespoke, professional experience that streamlines your material handling operations.

Whilst increasing uptime, and reducing TCO - you may also be interested in how you could improve your warehouse productivity? Download our free warehouse productivity guide clicking on the button or contact us.