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Forklifts are cheap!

You may be surprised to discover where the real costs are…
Andrew Murray

When it comes to big budget items like forklift trucks, it can be tempting to try and make savings. But that could prove a false economy when you factor in the total cost of ownership… and the productivity gains that come with more specialised equipment.

That’s because the price of the truck is only a small part of the whole-life costs. Indeed, it’s been estimated that over a five-year term, the operator accounts for up to 70% of total expenditure when fuel, maintenance, etc. are included.

In summary: the key factor in busy handling environments is to ensure every operator is fully equipped to work as efficiently as possible.

Review and revise 

Apart from the end of a rental contract, there never seems to be the perfect time to review handling operations, so maybe this is as good or bad a time as any! Especially if the outcome means you work faster, cheaper and more safely.

Has the size or nature of your loads, layout or other factors changed, or do you anticipate any potential modifications in the foreseeable future?

Are you optimising space utilisation? If the answer is yes, then a change of equipment may be in order. Tighter aisles or higher picking spots could well be served better with a reach truck, multiway or even VNA equipment.

Alternatively, the need to increase throughput because of rising demand could point to any one of a number of recent time-saving innovations. A good example is 360-degree steering which – by eliminating tiring and time-consuming 3-point turns – shaves valuable seconds off every manoeuvre. It’s surprising how quickly those seconds turn into minutes and then to hours over a series of busy shifts.

It’s one of several innovations driving the move from gas and diesel to electric. Developed to work inside and outside as fast as any engine truck, Mitsubishi electric trucks hold an extra advantage over diesel and LPG models. Slippery conditions – such as ice – can cause wheel spin on an engine truck, but this is now eliminated thanks to a unique electric differential lock that engages automatically and ensures the truck retains perfect traction.

Steep inclines and ramps – traditional ‘no-go’ areas for electric models – pose no problems thanks to another feature unique to Mitsubishi forklift trucks: AutoBoost. It automatically delivers additional torque and acceleration precisely when and where it’s needed.

One in a series of intelligent systems, Adaptive Lift Control (ALC) ensures the smoothest-ever lift as well as lower and tilt functions by sensing the weight of every load and delivering precisely the right hydraulic power. As a result, the speed of every hydraulic operation remains constant whatever the load. So there are no jolts and no surprises.

And it’s precisely that kind of predictability that is proving the key to optimising productivity and safety. And nowhere is it to be found more vividly than in a game-changing range of Mitsubishi forklift trucks. Central to it is a Sensitive Drive System (SDS) that intuitively learns how each individual operator wants to work and automatically adjusts handling characteristics to suit them.

But finding the right equipment is just part of the picture. Finding the right partner is, arguably, even more important. That’s why we place so much emphasis on building relationships and deliver the quality of long-term support that will help you explore new opportunities to improve performance and save costs.

Forklifts may be cheap… but talking about them is free!

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