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How to boost order picking productivity

Andrew Murray

As anyone who has been responsible for warehousing costs knows, sorting customer orders is the most costly and time-consuming task.

Loading and unloading naturally has costs, but nothing compares to the expense of picking orders.  As a result, any step taken to make order picking more efficient will have a positive effect on general costs. Simply, the goal is to create the most productive system possible in terms of picking orders and moving onto the next customer.

There are a series of activities that can be done to increase productivity such as minimising order mistakes and being on time. In the most highly efficient order picking system, the amount of time and resources used are reduced whilst maintaining a high percentage of success in terms of the correct orders being picked, but this is easier said than done.

One factor which is easier to change when it comes to increasing productivity is the number of goods picked at once. Unsurprisingly, it is more beneficial to pick and move multiple orders simultaneously. How much of a positive impact could this have? We have created a breakdown of different order picking scenarios and what the best solution is to increase output.

If you are looking for methods to boost efficiency, simply click the link below to download our guide.


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