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Boost profits, cut absenteeism and stay on the right side of the law

Warren Barson

Peak periods can put strains on the best-run handling operations. And, while the obvious answer may be to do even more of what’s worked before, a smarter solution may be to work more efficiently.

And in many cases that means upgrading from hand pallet trucks to power pallet trucks (PPTs). Not only will it boost productivity – but it can also reduce the risk of strain-related injuries and the absenteeism that accompanies it.

A power pallet truck can also cope better with longer travel distances, uneven surfaces and can help avoid lost loads saving time and money.

Better still, they open unprecedented workforce flexibility as one person can move far more in less time than with a hand pallet truck (important if you’re experiencing staff shortages). And, because so little physical effort is involved, even the biggest and bulkiest loads can be shifted easily.

Importantly, improving your pallet handling can help ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Boost productivity

With the ability to swiftly navigate through tight spaces, transport heavier loads, and accelerate and decelerate smoothly, a power pallet truck can hugely increase productivity.

That is particularly true of the latest models from the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range where innovative technology has been blended with extremely robust construction to deliver legendary reliability. At home in harsh environments, waterproof and dustproof chassis mean Mitsubishi PPTs can work both indoors and outside.

Engineered to maximise throughput, Mitsubishi power pallet trucks deliver market-leading lift, lower and travel speeds with particularly high ground clearance that cope with uneven surfaces and ramps.

A further innovation – EasyRide – offers individually adjustable dampening. By adapting the platform to their individual weight, operators can optimise their ride and benefit from safer, more comfortable operations.

The patented Mitsubishi DriveSteady system ensures outstanding drive wheel pressures, excellent shock absorption and side stability when cornering - making the PREMiA EM a truly stand-out model.
Ergonomically shaped, the class leading ErgoSteer tiller head features easily accessible controls that allow the operator to manoeuvre comfortably and intuitively, maintaining maximum focus on the job at hand.

In yet another game-changing innovation, 360-degree steering allows smooth turning without the 'pause' of a 3-point turn. It not only saves time in each and every turn – which adds up significantly over the length of a shift - but puts less force on the load.

Keep on the right side of legislation

If you rely on hand pallet trucks, there is a very real risk that you could be breaking the law by contravening Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.

The dangers to staff from hand pallet trucks come from two sources: one-off incidents or injuries (the kind you might expect from moving an unusually heavy load) but also from RSIs (repetitive strain injuries).

In independent tests involving 17 different makes of hand pallet trucks the effort to move a 2000kg load from stationary was more than double the official guideline. Keeping it moving exceeded the guidelines by a massive 53.3%.

The evidence speaks for itself. If your business uses hand pallet trucks to frequently move modest loads or even to move heavy loads it makes sense to switch to a powered pallet truck.

Future-proof your operations

Finally, in a fast-changing world, a power pallet truck can also help future-proof your business, providing the muscle to meet fresh demands and widely different loads.

Find out more about upgrading to a power pallet truck today:

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