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BituChem is a leading bitumen manufacturer and road surfacing specialist based in Gloucestershire.


Meeting green targets with EDiA

What was the challenge?

BituChem wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and improve sustainability.

Why this product(s)?

EDiA EX is a powerful yet agile truck capable of meeting heavy-duty requirements.

What was the outcome?

BituChem was impressed with the performance of the electric trucks as well as the added features including automatic fork adjustment and hydraulic accumulator.

Moving with the times

BituChem was looking to reduce its emissions and improve sustainability, and turned to the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor for support with future-proofing its MHE fleet.


We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and swapping to electric trucks was an easy and effective way to do our bit. Our local distributor knows our business and provided trucks that work well with the challenges on our site. We needed forklifts that could work indoors and outdoors, carrying bulky loads, while coping well on uneven ground.

Paul Paschali

Director at BituChem

Robust and powerful

The distributor delivered three 2.5-tonne EDiA EX electric forklifts. The trucks are used for loading/unloading, carrying pallets, barrels and drums of chemicals around a busy site 6 days a weekThe trucks included several additional features to suit BituChem's site and requirements. This included glass-fronted cabins for year-round operator comfort, and a hydraulic accumulator to increase suspension and reduce bounce to ensure there are no broken pallets.

EDiA is a nimble truck but powerful with it. It has great ingress protection against water and dust, with fewer moving parts, so these trucks excel at working in all weathers as the risk of damage is much lower.

Rob Perry

Sales Manager at the local Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks distributor

Peace of mind

BituChem's new forklifts use lead acid batteries which can be charged after shifts to ensure high operational availability. The operators are really happy with the trucks, and importantly, the EDiA forklifts proved that they could really stood up against their diesel counterparts, giving the customer peace of mind that you don't always need diesel equipment on site. 

The batteries easily last three days from charging, which is great as we can maintain our productivity levels with the added benefit of no emissions and quieter machines.

John Shirley

Site Manager at BituChem

Electric counterbalance forklift working in yard
Leading the way in road surfacing and road repairs
GRENDIA ES Diesel and EDIA EX electric forklift truckstrucks

electric counterbalance forklift range

Engineered to deliver maximum performance, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.