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Game Changers!

9 remarkable new features you’ll want on your next forklift
Alan Pitt

With the drive towards net zero, the case for replacing diesel engine forklifts with electrics has largely been won. But going green is only part of the story.  

The technology that goes into electric counterbalance continues to change dramatically with the focus on even greater safety, productivity and versatility. 

Here we look at just some of the new features you’ll want to consider when choosing your next counterbalance truck. 


By automatically boosting acceleration and torque on ramps and steep inclines, AutoBoost ensures non-stop performance in situations where electric forklifts have traditionally struggled or stopped altogether.


Electric diff-lock  

Developed to optimise performance in slippery conditions, this feature offers similar performance to that found on off-road vehicles, making it ideal for outdoor/indoor operations.  

It’s achieved using advanced electronics that allow each wheel to be driven independently, keeping the motors perfectly in sync - so they turn at exactly the same speed with no wheel spin.  

Surprisingly, perhaps, this delivers significantly better performance in slippery conditions than gas or diesel competitors. These typically employ a one-piece axle that divides the drive to each wheel via a differential. The downside of this is that power takes the path of least resistance: so, when one wheel hits a slippery surface (mud, ice, snow etc), that wheel simply spins, and all traction is lost.


intelligent cornering system

A number of different models employ systems that automatically adjust truck speed throughout a turn, to increase safety. In the very latest versions this kicks in at the very start of the turn, (rather than halfway thorough) in order to make cornering even smoother: boosting productivity and reducing tyre wear. 

Intelligent Cornering System


sensitive drive system  

Using the same technology as some top-end electric cars, one brand of electric counterbalance trucks is capable of learning from, and responding to, each operator's individual input – automatically adjusting truck characteristics for truly intuitive and predictable handling. 


360-degree steering 

By eliminating the 'pause' that occurs when changing direction during a 3-point turn, 360-degree steering shaves valuable seconds off every turn, significantly increasing productivity throughout the day.  

These smooth, non-stop manoeuvres not only reduce stressful whole-body movements for the operator but also minimises centrifugal forces on the load for faster, safer, more stable operations with far less risk of load-shedding.

360-degree steering 

automatic hill hold 

Delivers safer and faster loading/unloading by stopping the truck from rolling back, even when fully loaded on very steep inclines. Importantly, it is activated as soon as the operator's foot is removed from the accelerator – without the need to operate switches or brake levers. 

Automatic Hill Hold

all-wheel steering 

Four-wheel steering on some models means a 100-degree lock to achieve exceptionally tight turning circles (typically 500mm less than equivalent diesel models). In many applications that presents the opportunity to greatly increase storage density. What’s more, because all-wheel steering allows a truck to literally turn ‘on the spot’ there is no push-back when setting off at full lock, eliminating damage to stock or racking.


adaptive lift and passive sway control

These two technologies can be found, working in tandem, to ensure stability when handling loads at very high lifts. Passive Sway Control speeds up operations by overcoming the unpleasant (and time-wasting) swaying motion generated when a truck stops with the load raised.  

Adaptive Lift automatically monitors and balances hydraulic pressures to ensure lift and lower operations are smooth, and jolt-free regardless of whether the forks are unladed or fully loaded.   

mini steering wheel with floating armrest 

An ergonomically designed arm-rest - incorporating mini steering wheel - minimise fatigue, keeping operators productive whilst reducing the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries and the associated cost of staff absences. 

To further increase operator well-being, rubber mountings on cabins can dramatically reduce micro vibrations while, on some trucks, noise levels inside the cabin have been reduced to just 65dB (about the same level as a spoken conversation).   

So, to summarise, when it comes time to start choosing your new counterbalance, the technology and functionality of the vehicle should be at the forefront of your considerations. With that in mind, the features entwined with electric counterbalance make a dramatic difference when compared to gas or diesel competitors. You’ll save time, money and the planet. 

EDIAEM43 Mitsubishi Electric Counterbalance


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