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More reasons to choose AXiA

Acclaimed family of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks stackers gains new models

Deborah Gregory

The award-winning range of warehouse equipment from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has grown. AXiA EX stand-in and sit-on stackers and AXiA EM pedestrian stackers are gaining new wide-straddle models, and they will be joined by the all-new AXiA XL stackers with telescopic forks.

Over the years the AXiA name has become known for stackers that combine high performance, versatility, and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ legendary reliability. These new models carry that legacy while expanding the range’s capabilities.

AXiA XL stand-in and sit-on stackers with telescopic forks

The new AXiA XL is available in both sit-on and stand-in models, these stackers feature a hydraulic telescopic fork assembly.

There are several advantages to stackers with telescopic forks:

  • Telescopic forks mean a warehouse can be built around double deep stacking, making a more economical use of the available space. Double-deep stacking can increase warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to standard single-stack warehouse operations.
  • Trucks and trains can be unloaded from one side as the forks are able to reach further back. This saves having to open both sides of the vehicle and the truck can travel less through the process.
  • Extending the forks allows two pallets to be carried at once, making loading and unloading more efficient, while larger/longer loads can be carried with ease.

Aside from the introduction of telescopic forks, AXiA XL shares many of its class-leading features with the acclaimed AXiA EX sit-on and stand-in stackers. These include the high-safety chassis design which offers all-around protection to the operators, a variety of ergonomic and adjustable control options, and Intelligent Cornering System which senses the angle of a turn at the very start of the manoeuvre and optimises speed for accurate, positive cornering.

AXiA EX stand-in and sit-on stackers with new wide-straddle option

Expanding the capabilities of the existing AXiA EX line, the new 1.6- and 2.0-tonne wide-straddle models feature low-profile straddle legs to enable even more flexibility in pallet handling and allows optimal use of the space under the lowest racking beams.

The wider gap means the forged forks can be lowered to ground level. This is vital when transporting closed and specialised carrier material which may not feature open fork pockets or open fork spaces.

From blocks and boxes, to bales and rolls, wide-straddle models can be easily adapted for different applications across many industries. The extra space enables the use of a variety of handling attachments e.g. spikes, clamps, poles, rotators etc. which replace the fork assembly, and the legs are available in custom straddle widths to suit load types.

The space-efficient designs of all AXiA EX models make them a viable and affordable alternative to building a warehouse expansion or implementing a full, complex VNA solution. With capacities up to 2.0-tonnes, these stackers can serve as a lower-cost option compared to reach trucks when lifting up to 7.0m.

AXiA EM platform stackers with new wide-straddle option

The AXiA EM platform stacker series has also seen the addition of wide-straddle models, offering the same great advantages as the straddle options on AXiA EX, but on a platform truck suited for tasks such as shelf-filling, order picking, and transport.

New wide-straddle models are available in three configurations: folding platform, fixed-platform rear entry, and fixed-platform side entry, each with a capacity of 1.6 tonnes.

The series’ compact construction makes it at home in tight spaces and narrow aisles, allowing for optimisation of your available storage space. A choice of lead acid and Li-ion batteries deliver maximum flexibility whatever the application.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks’ class-leading ErgoSteer weather-protected (rated to IP65) and impact-resistant tiller head has been widely acclaimed throughout the industry and is now shared across the entire portfolio of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks products with tiller arm controls. The highly ergonomic design reduces strain and fatigue even through the longest shifts, letting operators concentrate on the task in hand. With a patented button layout, the controls are simple and intuitive to use, even for workers wearing heavy work gloves.

A shared design philosophy means that whichever AXiA you choose, you know you’ll be benefiting from years of cutting-edge development and innovation by the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks design team.

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