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- RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series

RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series

Intensive performance intuitive control
  • Reach Truck
  • 1.6-2.5 Tonnes
  • 48 Volts
  • AC-Power
Reaching new heights of safety, speed and stability

A universal reach truck that works exactly how your operators would design a reach truck. It's a big claim. But with the control choices, the adjustability and ergonomics, the performance, the high visibility, the exceptional safety features and more as standard, plus a wide range of optional enhancements, we think you'll see it's a claim we don't make lightly.

With lift heights of up to 12 metres, you'll always have a clear view on the load thanks to our MaxVision masts. It maximises visibility, while remaining exceptionally stable. This is a series that prides itself on going that extra step and always in the most efficient way possible.

And while it houses a smart brain, its exterior is tough and highly robust, making it ideal for incredibly intensive operations. Combine that with legendary reliability and low total cost of operation and you'll see why we think so highly of it.

Model Capacity
RB16N3 1600 kg
RB16N3H 1600 kg
RB20N3 2000 kg
RB20N3H 2000 kg
RB20N3HX 2000 kg
RB25N3H 2500 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series - Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System (ICS) logo The truck senses the angle of a turn and reduces speed early. This makes for much safer handling with maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Mitsubishi - RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series - Stability Support System (S3)

Stability Support System (S3)

A comprehensive system for stability support, incorporating Mast Tilt Control. Hydraulic functions such as mast reach and mast tilt are automatically optimised along with a reach damping function to make pallet placement and retrieval safer and quicker.

Mitsubishi - RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series - Soft Motion

Soft Motion

Using a finely tuned algorithm, the truck adjusts reach, tilt and sideshift speed automatically to greatly improve productivity and handling speed and work how the operator wants to work.

Mitsubishi - RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series - MaxVision


The mast and cabin have been fully optimised to give the operator the widest all-around view possible. This increases driver confidence, safety and productivity.

Mitsubishi - RB16-25N3(H)(X) Series - Multifunctional Ergologic Joystick

Multifunctional Ergologic Joystick

This highly ergonomic joystick controls seven different functions, including lifting, lowering, reaching and tilting for intuitive, natural operation.