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- RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series

RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series

Small in size big on features
  • Light Reach Truck
  • 1.2-1.4 Tonnes
  • 48 Volts
  • AC-Power
Big things come in small packages

Incredibly nimble, the RB12-14N3(L)(C) series offers high productivity and exceptional value in a light reach truck. An impressive achievement in a truck this size, it strikes the perfect balance between cutting-edge features and low total cost of operation.

And with a host of exceptional ergonomic features, it's sure to be a favourite of operators. Adjustable seating, and a choice of adjustable controls make driving feel natural and incredibly intuitive for operators of all sizes.

Specially designed for drive-in racking applications. the RB14N3C model keeps the same compact chassis and performance, yet lifts to even greater heights.

Model Capacity
RB12N3L 1200 kg
RB14N3C 1400 kg
RB14N3L 1400 kg

Key Features

Mitsubishi - RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series - Compact chassis

Compact chassis

With its small size, the RB12-14N3(L)(C) series is right at home in narrow aisles. The RB12N3L and RB14N3L are ideal for block stacking, while the RB14N3C is designed for drive-in racking.

Mitsubishi - RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series - Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System

Intelligent Cornering System (ICS) logo The truck senses the angle of a turn and reduces speed early. This makes for much safer handling with maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Mitsubishi - RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series - Stability Support System (S3)

Stability Support System (S3)

A comprehensive system for stability support, incorporating Mast Tilt Control. Hydraulic functions such as mast reach and mast tilt are automatically optimised along with a reach damping function to make pallet placement and retrieval safer and quicker.

Mitsubishi - RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series - Soft Motion

Soft Motion

Using a finely tuned algorithm, the truck adjusts reach, tilt and sideshift speed automatically to greatly improve productivity and handling speed and work how the operator wants to work.

Mitsubishi - RB12-14N3(L)(C) Series - MaxVision


The mast and cabin have been fully optimised to give the operator the widest all-around view possible. This increases driver confidence, safety and productivity.